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Notice Board/Circulars

124/08/2016SC/ST Scholarship Form
319/08/2016USOL Prospectus 2016-17
404/08/2016Specification of the items to be Purcahsed
504/08/2016Quotations for purchase of Items
627/07/2016Quotations for rates for supply of following press material/chemicals
813/06/2016Notice Regarding Admission 2016-17
909/06/2016Tender for Type-Setting for the Session 2016-17 & 2017-18
1009/06/2016Tender for Printing & Binding etc. for the Session 2016-17 & 2017-18
1124/05/2016Viva Schedule for paper VIII for Diploma in Statistics
1217/05/2016Master of Commerce Vice-Voce Examination from 30.05.2016 to 02.06.2016
1312/05/2016Quotations for purchase of Furniture
1402/05/2016The Practical examination schedule for B.ed IV is given. The candiates are advised to report at their study centers on the mentioned dates.
1628/03/2016Annual Convocation and Prize Distribution Function 2016
1717/03/2016HUNAR the Creative Galaxy of Young Talents on 18.03.2016
1810/03/2016Two Days national seminar on 15.03.2016 & 16.03.2016 organized by Department of Punjabi on the topic Contribution of mother languages in the context of Education and Human Development"
1909/03/2016Viva-Voce Examination schedule of Bachelor of commerce USOL
2011/02/2016Assignments for MA Political Science (USOL) 1st Semester & 2nd Semester (revised) session 2015-16
2109/02/2016USOL students need not to submit hard copy of examination form
2209/02/2016Two Days National Seminar on Innovations in Governance: Multidisciplinary Perspectives March 30-31, 2016 organized by Department of Public Administration USOL
2309/02/2016PCP Schedule for undergraduate and postgraduate
2402/02/2016Qutations are invited for the purchase of furniture in USOL. The last date is 10.02.2016 upto 4 p.m.
2502/02/2016Quotations for the PURCHASE OF FURNITURE
2622/01/2016ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on Media Technologies: A Crtical Evaluation
2818/12/2015Practical Examination Schedule for M.Ed. Practical through USOL
2930/11/2015Quotations are invited from firms for the purchase of Psychological Test Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices & laste date is 14.12.2015
3030/11/2015List of Master of commerce 3rd semester Examination whose roll number has been detained due to non-submission of assignments
3130/11/2015List of students of Master of Commerce 1st Semester whose roll number has been detained due to non submission of assignments
3219/11/2015Revised assignments of M.A. English 1st and 2nd Semester Examination for session 2015-16 (Revised). Those students already submitted need not to submit again
3318/11/2015Roll No of all those students have been stopped who have not filled examination form. Contact Room No. 107
3412/11/2015Last date of Admission to various courses in Semester System run through USOL (with late fee of Rs. 20,000) has been extended upto 13th November, 2015.
3530/10/2015The last date for admission to MBA (off campus) 3rd Semester 2013-14 batch has been extended upto 06.11.2015
3620/10/2015Admission to various courses in Semester System run through USOL (with late fee of Rs. 15,000) is extended upto 30th October, 2015
3719/10/2015Introductory Master of Commerce 3rd Semester & 4th Semester (2015-16)
3819/10/2015Introductory Master of Commerce 1st & 2nd Semester (2015-16)
3909/10/2015Introductory MBA (Ex) IIIrd and IVth Semester for USOL students for session 2015-16
4009/10/2015Assignments of M.A. (Hindi) III & IV Semester through USOL for session 2015-16
4109/10/2015Assignments of M.A. (Hindi) I & II Semester through USOL for session 2015-16
4209/10/2015Assignments of M.A. (Economics) I & II Semester through USOL for session 2015-16
4306/10/2015Assignments of M.A. History I & II Semster through USOL for session 2015-16
4406/10/2015Special Chance for MBA (Executive) USOL Laste Date 12-10-2015
4530/09/2015B.Ed. 2015: List of Admitted candidates - University School of Open Learning, PU, Chandigarh
4630/09/2015B.Ed. 2015: List of Admitted candidates - Govt. College of Education, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh
4730/09/2015B.Ed. 2015: List of Admitted candidates - DAV College of Education, Hoshiarpur
4830/09/2015B.Ed. 2015: List of Admitted candidates - Dev Samaj College of Education for Women, Ferozepur City
4930/09/2015B.Ed. 2015: List of Admitted candidates - BCM College of Education, Urban Estate, Ludhiana
5023/09/2015Assignments of MA History III & IV semster for session 2015-16
5123/09/2015Assignment of PGDLAN course (through USOL) for session 2015-16
5223/09/2015Assignments of B.Lib course (through USOL) for session 2015-16
5323/09/2015Applications are invited for the Award of Post Matric Scholarship to the students belonging to Scheduled Caste and Other Backward Classes during the year 2015-16. The Permanent Resident of U.T., C
5421/09/2015Bachellor of Commerce Ist & IInd Semester Introductory lesson
5521/09/2015PG Diploma human Rights and Duties assignments for session 2015-16 through USOL
5621/09/2015M.A. Public Administration III & IV semester Assignment through USOL session 2015-16
5721/09/2015M. A. Public Administration through USOL assignments I & II Semester 2015-16
5817/09/2015B.Ed. Semester System(Through Correspondence) 30.09.2015
5914/09/2015regarding Second sechedule of Counsel MBA (Ex) through USOL
6010/09/2015PGDMC-105 Practical Assignments for session 2015-16 (Semester-1) through USOL
6110/09/2015Golden Chance for post graduate and undergraduate students last date 30.09.2015
6209/09/2015Orientation Programme for B.A. 1st Semester student on 11.09.2015
6302/09/2015M.A. English (USOL) IIIrd & IVth Semester for session 2015-16
6402/09/2015M.A. Economics (USOL) IIIrd & IVth Semester assignments 2015-16
6502/09/2015M.A. Political Science (USOL) IIIrd & IVth Semester Assignments 2015-16
6629/08/2015USOL (Correspondence Courses) Panjab University Chandigarh is Organizing camp at Guru Teg Bahdur Building, P.U. Chandigarh on 30th and 31st August 2015
6725/08/2015Opportunity for admission in Bachelor of Commerce 1st Semester through USOL for those Students who could not get regular admission in P.U. Affiliated Colleges
6825/08/2015Qutation for purchase of Air Cooler at USOL
6925/08/2015Qutation for the purchase of Ceiling Fans and Pedestal Fan
7020/08/2015Assignments of M.A. (Sociology) 3rd and 4th Semester through USOL for session 2015-16 (revised)
7120/08/2015Assignments of M.A. (Sociology) 1st and 2nd Semester through USOL for session 2015-16
7220/08/2015Assignments of M.A. (Punjabi) IIIrd and IVth Semester Assisgnments for session 2015-16
7320/08/2015Assignments of M.A. (Punjabi) Ist and IInd Semester Assisgnments for session 2015-16
7419/08/2015Last dates in USOL admission have been extended
7519/08/2015Counselling Schedule for MBA (Executive) through USOL for session 2015-16
7614/08/2015USOL ORGANISES 3 DAYS ON THE SPOT ADMISSION CAMP FROM 16.08.2015 TO 18.08.2015
7706/08/2015Guidelines for admission through counseling to MBA (Executive) for the sesssion 2015-16
7823/07/2015B.Ed. (Correspondence) Admission Notification 2015-17
7916/07/2015Scheme outlines of tests, syllabi and courses of reading for B. Ed (Through Correspondence) Semester I, II, III and IV
8013/07/2015Subject Combination of B.Ed. -III & IV Semester session 2015-16
8113/07/2015Invitation of qutations for purchase of Air Conditioners
8210/07/2015Examination Form for B.A.III/Bachelor of Commerce-III, Certificate Course in Vivekanand Studies (Annual System) & Postgraduate Diplomas, Certificate Courses in Women Studies (Semester System)
8307/07/2015Notification for MBA (Executive)USOL admission 2015-16
8403/07/2015Admission Notice 2015-16
8530/06/2015Admission Notice -2015-16
8629/06/2015Admission Notification for students who are interested to take admission in USOL 2015-16
8720/05/2015Performa for refund of Library Security (modified)
8814/05/2015 Notification for MBA (Executive) USOL Students regarding golden chance
8914/05/2015Contact No(s) of USOL for enquiry

Enquiry No(s): 1800-180-2065, +91 172 2534818, 2534866 (from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm on working days including Saturday)

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