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Notice Board/Circulars

113/11/2018Practical list of B.A-5th Sem. Dec-2018
212/11/2018Practical list of B.A-1st Sem. Dec-2018
305/11/2018Syllabus of Disaster Management and Corporate Security
402/11/2018Revised USOL Prospectus 2018
501/11/2018Extension in submission of assignments for MBA (Executive) 3rd Semester upto 15th November, 2018
630/10/2018Notice regarding Online Examination Form for B.Ed and MBA(Ex) Ist Sem 2018-19
730/10/2018Notification Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students for the Year 2018-19 for Chandigarh Students
829/10/2018 Cancellation of Pool Campus Placement TCS
925/10/2018Revised Master of Commerce Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments & Introductory Lesson 2018-19
1023/10/2018Performa for Mrs. & Dr. V S Puri Scholarship Form
1123/10/2018Performa for Milkhi Ram Sharma Memorial Scholarship Form
1223/10/2018Performa of Soldiers Relief Fund Scholarship Form
1323/10/2018Performa for Mrs. Udham Kaur Menon Education Scholarship Form
1423/10/2018Performa for Sh. Pritam Nath & Mrs. Ram Piari Scholarship Form
1523/10/2018Performa for Dewan Som Nath Scholarship Form
1622/10/2018Notice of recruitment
1716/10/2018Last Date for Submission of Assignments of MBA (Executive) & Master of Commerce Session 2018-19
1815/10/2018Notice of Counseling for B.Ed (Distance Education) Ist Semester two days i.e. 17th October 2018 (Wednesday) and 18th October 2018 (Thursday)
1915/10/2018PCP Schedule for MBA, B.Ed & Disaster Management & Corporate Safey Session 2018-19
2015/10/2018Sensitizing PU Students about the Matter of Sexual Harassment and Preventing
2112/10/2018M.A. Punjabi Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
2212/10/2018Extended dates for Re-appear Form Session 2018-19
2312/10/2018MBA (Executive) Ist & IInd Semester Introductory Lesson and Assignments Session 2018-19
2412/10/2018M.A. Public Administration Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
2508/10/2018Revised M.A. Political Science Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
2608/10/2018M.A. Public Administration Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
2705/10/2018Notice Regarding Admission to Professional and New Courses Session 2018
2805/10/2018Notice Regarding Admission to B.Ed (Two Year Course) Session 2018
2905/10/2018Notice Regarding Counselling for Admission to Master of Business Administration (Executive) Session 2018
3005/10/2018PCP dates of Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counseling Semester Ist
3104/10/2018M.A. Punjabi Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
3204/10/2018M.A. Political Science Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
3303/10/2018Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights and Duties Assignments 2018-19
3403/10/2018Revised Schedule for Online Admission for USOL 2018-19
3503/10/2018Extended dates for Online Admission Form 2018-19
3603/10/2018Master of Commerce Ist & IInd Semester Introductory Lesson and Assignments 2018-19
3728/09/2018Procedure of implementation of scheme of "Earn While One Leans"
3828/09/2018M.A. Hindi Semester IIIrd Assignment Session 2018-19
3928/09/2018M.A. Hindi Semester IVth Assignment Session 2018-19
4028/09/2018M.A. Hindi Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
4127/09/2018Extended dates for Re-appear Form December 2018
4227/09/2018M.A. History Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
4327/09/2018M.A. History Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
4426/09/2018M.A. Sociology Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
4526/09/2018M.A. Sociology Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
4626/09/2018MBA (Executive) Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments & Introductory Lesson Session 2018-19
4726/09/2018Post Graduate Diploma in Health, Family Welfare and Population Education Assignments I & II Semester Session 2018-19
4825/09/2018Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics Ist and IInd Semester Assignments Session 2018-19
4925/09/2018M.A. Economics Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
5025/09/2018M.A. Economic Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-2019
5124/09/2018M.A. English Semester IIIrd and IVth Assignments Session 2018-19
5224/09/2018M.A. English Semester Ist and IInd Assignments Session 2018-19
5318/09/2018PGDLAN Semester I & IInd Introductory Lesson Session 2018-19
5418/09/2018B.Lib & Infrormation Science Semester I & IInd Introductory Lesson Session 2018-19
5611/09/2018Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication Practical Assignment 105, Session 2018-19
5710/09/2018FREE Online Career Guidance Session (Registration)
5810/09/2018Padho Pardesh" - Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Educational Loans for Overseas Studies for the Students Belonging to the Minority Communities
5907/09/2018NSS Enrollment Notice
6006/09/2018Award of Ram Parkash Mehra Memorial Scholarship @ Rs. 1500/- p.a. for the year 2018-2019
6105/09/2018Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications Assignment 2018-19
6231/08/2018List of courses approved by UGC and Panjab University
6321/08/2018North Regional Rounds of CLPR's Quiz-ConQuest 2018: On 1st September, 2018
6418/08/2018Link to Open the website for Admissions in USOL for Session 2018-19
6518/08/2018Schedule for Online Admission for USOL 2018-19
6616/08/2018Notification regarding Post Matric Scholarship of ST students of J & K 2018-19
6716/08/2018inviting of application for the grant of Post Matric Scholarship and Merit cum Means based Scholarship for the year 2018-19
6826/07/2018One Month extra time to pay fee of all SC/ST/BC students belongs to UT Chandigarh who applied for PostMatric Scholarship last year
6926/07/2018PCP Schedule of B.Ed. III Semester for the session 2018-19
7026/07/2018Scholarship schemes under National E-Scholarship portal for the Academic year 2018-19
7125/07/2018Timeline for 2018-19 under Pre-Matric and MCM schemes on NSP portal
7225/07/2018Scheme of "Scholarships for Students with Disabilities"- Operning of National Scholarship Portal (NSP) 2018-19
7402/07/2018Gold Medal for Innovation in Open and Distance Learning
7506/06/2018Permission to apply re-evaluation and re-appear with normal fee for B.Lib Ist Semester Students
7606/06/2018M.A. History Syllabus for the session 2018-19
7701/06/2018TENDER FOR Printing & Binding etc. for the Period 01.07.2018 to 30.06.2020
7801/06/2018TENDER FOR Type-Setting for the Period 01.07.2018 to 30.06.2020
7925/05/2018Datesheet for Practical Examination of B.Ed. II Semester for the session 2018-19
8025/05/2018Freeship for SC/ST Students of Punjab for the session 2017-18
8118/05/2018Schedule of Project Viva-Voce of P.G. Diploma in Statistics
8216/05/2018viva- voce Examination (Project Report) of Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Rights & Duties
8315/05/2018Lok Sabha Internship Programme-2018
8427/04/2018Revised dates for Online Examination Form May 2018
8525/04/2018Free e-rickshaw service for differently abled and blind students
8611/04/2018Extended dates for Submission of Assignment for M.A. and PG Diploma Courses
8706/04/2018Important Dates for Viva for MCom IVth Semester May 2018
8806/04/2018Notice Regarding SC/ST Students under PMS Scheme
8905/04/2018Practical Exam List of B.A. Vth and VIth Semester Session 2017-18
9005/04/2018Practical Exam List of B.A. IIIrd and IVth Semester Session 2017-18
9103/04/2018Practical Exam List of B.A. Ist and IInd Semester Session 2017-18
9215/03/2018Annual Prize Distribution Function-cum-Convocation 2018 on 22nd March, 2018
9328/02/2018Exntended dates for submission of Assignments for MCom and MBA(Ex)
9428/02/2018Notice for equivalence of degrees/diploma through distance mode with regular mode.
9521/02/2018Notice for SC/ST Students belonging to Punjab
9616/02/2018Important Dates for Online Even Semester Examination Form for May 2018
9715/02/2018Fee Detail for Session 2017-18
9814/02/2018Fee Defaulter List for Even Semester Examination May 2018
9912/02/2018List of Disabled students for the Session 2017-18
10030/01/2018To implement the provision of students of P.U with disabilities
10130/01/2018Scholarship for SC and OBC Students of Haryana
10210/01/2018Internship Career Scholarship for Girls 2018
10306/12/20172500 Scholarships for the students with disabilities
10416/11/2017Performa for submission of details of income and savings for the purpose of calculation of income tax for the F Y 2017-18
10513/11/2017Speciman for Fee Concession and Scholarship
10627/10/2017national Level competition titled national Level competition titled "The RBI Policy Challenge in 2018"
10828/08/2017General Information Regarding PCP Time of Undergraduate Classes Session 2017-18
11101/11/2016Performa for Refund of Library Security

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