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105/10/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Photography Session 2020-21
228/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. Sociology Session 2020-21
328/09/2020Syllabi for Certificate Course in Corporate Security, Safety & Fire Protection Management Session 2020-21
428/09/2020Syllabi for Certificate Course in Vivekananda Studies Session 2020-21
528/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work Session 2020-21
628/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics Session 2020-21
728/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication Session 2020-21
828/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking Session 2020-21
928/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights and Duties Session 2020-21
1028/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Health Family Welfare and Population Education Session 2020-21
1128/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling Session 2020-21
1228/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership Session 2020-21
1328/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management and Coorporate Security Session 2020-21
1428/09/2020Syllabi for Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application Session 2020-21
1528/09/2020Syllabi for Master of Commerce Session 2020-21
1628/09/2020Syllabi for MBA(Executive) Session 2020-21
1728/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. Public Administration Session 2020-21
1828/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. Political Science Session 2020-21
1928/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. Education Session 2020-21
2028/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. Economics Session 2020-21
2128/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. History Session 2020-21
2228/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. Hindi Session 2020-21
2328/09/2020Syllabi for M.A. English Session 2020-21
2428/09/2020Syllabi for B.Ed Session 2020-21
2528/09/2020Syllabi for B.Lib Session 2020-21
2628/09/2020Syllabi for Bachelor of Commerce Session 2020-21
2728/09/2020Syllabi for B.A. Semester Vth and VIth session 2020-21
2828/09/2020Syllabi for B.A. Semester IIIrd and IVth session 2020-21
2928/09/2020Syllabi for B.A. Semester Ist and IInd session 2020-21

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